• Sarah Brehant

Why you should have a rehearsal

Sometimes we have clients that opt out of rehearsals, and that's okay if you have a planner to coordinate your ceremony. But lately, I have been reminded why it is so important to have one. We as planners know all (or most) of the etiquette so it comes easy to us, and this is our time to teach you.

What do you do when you get to the end of the aisle and you aren't standing up there? Where do you hold your hands when you're standing up there? When does the maid of honor take the bride's bouquet? Who fluffs the bride's dress? Which side does the groom stand on? When are you supposed to walk down the aisle? These are all questions you never think about until you're there!

You want your ceremony to look seamless, so take the time, enjoy the eve of your wedding and run through the ceremony! It's fun and exciting, and we want to enjoy it with you.

Oh! And don't forget your bridal shower bow-bouquet!

Happy Planning,


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