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Wedding Table Decor: Designing Unique & Memorable Wedding Tablescapes

Updated: Jul 11

When I started out in this industry I said "I want to be hired to design tables" and I still can't believe that my dream has come true. Although there are so many parts of being a Connecticut wedding planner and designer that I absolutely love, designing wedding table decor that is unique and memorable for every couple is definitely at the top of the list. I could literally talk about wedding tablescapes all day so we wanted to make a post about everything that goes into designing your wedding table decor (in front of you and behind the scenes!).

As you'll be able to see, there is a lot more that goes into wedding table decor than originally meets the eye! Often, our couples hire us because they have a vision, and they just need help elevating it and bringing it to life. This is truly what we live for here at Brehant Creations. If you want more information about our wedding planning services and wedding design packages, click here. If you already feel it in your heart that we are the one, don't wait any longer to get in touch. We have been in business for four years now and can't believe how fast 2022 is booking up. The wedding boom is real!!! I would love to connect and help you navigate these crazy times and help you plan a wedding that you just absolutely love (I'm Sarah by the way, and you can read more about me here).

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Choosing Your Wedding Table Decor

We typically start planning the wedding table decor at the beginning of the design process (about 9-12 months before your wedding day. It's no secret that tables are my FAVORITE aspect of the design process (I talk about them on Instagram all of the time). As an event designer, there's so many seemingly tiny choices like a different plate or the way a napkin is presented or what kind of candles that changes the look entirely. I love to play around with different ideas so our couples are always getting something fresh and unique to them and their wedding day vision.

With that said, most of our (incredibly sweet!) couples are often thinking a lot about their guests as well. And when it comes to wedding design, the wedding table decor is a great place to focus in on because it's often the most noticed by your guests as well!

On average, your guests will sit at their tables for an hour and a half of your wedding. Unique & Gorgeous Wedding Table Decor makes an impression more than any other design element on your wedding day!

When we do a walk-through of any wedding venue and start to consider the design, we always look at what your guests will interact with first. When your guests arrive at your wedding reception, they are usually looking for a card box, a place to get a drink, a bathroom, and/or a place to get settled (their table!).

When we start to design the table, we think about what they will touch, what will catch their eye, how they will interact with the design elements (ie. they chairs must be beautiful - but they also need to be comfortable, tall centerpieces can be wonderfully dramatic - but they shouldn't interfere with your ability to have a conversation from the person across from you. When it comes to choosing your wedding table decor, it's our job as an event designer to make sure that we execute your wedding day vision in a beautiful, yet functional, way. Thats why our couples want to work with us: they can be as involved in the design process as they want to be (we have some couples who love to be very involved!) without feeling like they ever have to do the "hard part" of putting it all together and worrying about "missing something".

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Want to see an example of what wedding designers do? Below is an example of a recent design deck we made for a wedding couple so you can see how much detail goes into the wedding table decor (and truly, the entire wedding day)!

Download PDF • 25.96MB

How Much Should You Budget For Your Wedding Table Decor?

Your wedding budget per table will range dramatically but we have collected a few of our "favorite things" to budget for when it comes to wedding table decor. As your wedding planners and event designers, we are always going to remind you to focus on YOUR priorities. If you love luxurious linens and unique rentals, go for it! If you are dreaming of a more minimal table (with an abundance of florals!), do that instead.

The Below Wedding Table Decor Estimates are Based on 8 Guests per Table

  • Table Rental: $15 for a folding table or $125 for a farmhouse table

  • Linen Rentals: $80 per table

  • Napkin rentals: $40 (at $5ea)

  • Goblets: $64 (at $4ea)

  • Charger Plates: $30-$80 (at $3-$10ea)

  • Flatware: $96 (roughly $12 per set)

  • Dinner Plates $32 per table ($2 each)

As you can tell, it adds up quickly but every single detail makes SUCH a difference. If you add it all up, the list above comes to about $400 per table and that does not include votives, pillar or taper candles, table numbers or centerpieces! In case you are curious, centerpieces range from $125-$450/table and table numbers are about $7-$10 per table. The easiest way to cut costs is by cutting your guest list (and therefore, the amount of tables required!).

Moody Wedding Decor for Fall Wedding in CT

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Brehant Creations Design Process

Our design process begins with a 60 minute clarity design call where we dig into our couples, their inspiration, their personalities and their vision. Sometimes couples walk into this call and they have no idea what they want or what to expect (they need to fine tune their !) but it's so much fun to draw this out. Helping couples realize everything that is possible is one of the most enjoyable parts of the design process for us!

After the clarity call, we create a design deck which will virtually take you through your entire wedding: beginning with your wedding colors, vibes, vision, inspiration photos, and touching in each and every detail from signs to flowers to linen etc. We LOVE putting this together and seeing our couples react when they see everything we have talked about come together!!!

Click here to download another recent wedding design deck and see a few photos of how everything came of life.

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Download PDF • 5.65MB

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Wedding Day Mock Up

For wedding couples who value design as much as we do, we also offer the option to have a wedding table decor trial before the wedding day. Although a design deck can showcase your vision, there is nothing like seeing your ideas come to life in a 3-dimensional way and actually experiencing the table for yourself. Oftentimes, your wedding day goes by so quickly and you don't get to spend as much time enjoying and admiring your wedding decor as you might like so adding a wedding day table mock up to your planning experience will make you feel even more excited and inspired for your wedding day (and allow for you to make any changes once you see things in real life).

Boho Blush Wedding Decor in Connecticut

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Connecticut Wedding Planning & Design

I know we mentioned it earlier, but if you feel like we might be a good fit for your wedding day, don't delay in connecting with us! We would love to learn more about your wedding day vision and help you choose wedding table decor that exceeds your wildest dreams and expectations. You can contact us here, or if you want a little bit more information on what an event designer does (and how it is different than a wedding planner) make sure to check out this post here. Lastly, can we just say that planning your wedding is such an exciting time and if nobody has told you yet, you are doing a great job! Enjoy the process!

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