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The First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

2021 wedding season is in full swing and as the owner of Brehant Creations, I could not be more grateful. If we haven't met yet, I'm Sarah. Going from a year with almost no events last year to an overbooked 2021 has left me feeling so much gratitude. Seriously. If you are planning a wedding in 2022, I would love to get to know you and talk more about your wedding day vision. You can learn more about our wedding planning and design services here, or contact us here to inquire about availability (space is booking FAST).

Now, back to what you came here for: the first steps to planning your wedding!

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What to do after you get engaged

First things first, take a minute (or a month) to enjoy being engaged. Don't forget to tell your closest family and friends you are engaged before announcing it on social media (they will appreciate it more than you realize). At the heart of everything we do, we love couples in love. Which means we can't not remind you to enjoy spending a little extra time with your person. As exciting as it is to start planning for the next chapter, don't forget to enjoy the chapter you are in! You'll be married before you know it.

LGBTQ Wedding in Connecticut

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Create your Budget and Guest List

As wedding planners, we know your budget and guest list might change as you start to plan. However, the first step of planning a wedding is getting at least a general idea of who you want to invite and how much you would like to spend. These numbers need to be decided before you start to look at wedding venues, because many will have minimum spends or maximum guest counts. Trust us, we know that looking at the numbers isn't the MOST exciting part when planning a wedding. As your wedding planners and designers, we can help you breakdown your budget between catering, florals, custom signage and more. You don't need to know all the details, but you do need to have a general number in mind first.

Stunning Boho Luxury Seating Chart

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Hire Your Wedding Planner

Listen, we know we are biased but do yourself a favor and hire a wedding planner as early on as possible. It will save you endless headaches down the line. If you are on the fence between a wedding planner and designer and aren't sure who you should hire, check out this post here. You can also learn more about the services we offer here. The reason we want to be the first person you hire, is so that we can truly help you every step of the way. Before any other wedding commitments are made!

We will help you fine tune your wedding budget and guest list in the last step, and help you find a wedding venue that will truly work for you both in style and logistics (the next step). It can be stressful to question every wedding decision and wonder how it's all going to come together. This is your sign to hire a planner so you can enjoy every single moment of your wedding day and the planning process with it.

Top Connecticut Wedding Planner Organizing Fall Wedding

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Choosing a wedding venue

The very next thing you'll want to secure is your wedding venue. Like us, venues are overbooked this year and are booking fast for 2022. We love to work with private residences and home weddings because we can essentially build a venue from the ground up. This is often a bit more expensive, because we are building from the ground up, but it's often worth the effort because everything is 100% your decision. You can also choose a wedding venue that already has a lot of the inclusions you need, which can be a bit easier and cost-effective.

Not all wedding venues are cookie-cutter either. One of our favorite wedding venues in Connecticut is The Lace Factory (just for some inspiration). It's a stunning, industrial wedding venue and each time we plan a wedding there, it looks completely different. You can see below just a few examples of how the options are endless!

The Lace Factory Wedding Inspiration

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Planning your Connecticut Wedding

We hope this has given you an idea of what the first steps to planning your wedding in Connecticut are! At Brehant Creations, we travel all over Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts and beyond for our incredible wedding couples planning their dream wedding days. If you are ready to start planning your fun, untraditional, cheerful wedding day - you've found the right wedding planners. Don't wait any longer to inquire here and get your wedding date on our calendar! We would love to help you bring your vision to life.

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