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How to Have Your Cake...and Design It Too!

Updated: May 23

Get the scoop on all things cake from guest blogger, Callan Olivia of ineedsugartherapy.com

When it comes to budgeting for your cake, make sure you remember that this is part of your meal that you are serving to your guests.  You probably wouldn’t pick a cheap, less tasty option for your guests when it comes to their meal so why skimp on cake? Cutting costs on cake usually means cutting quality (ie. boxed cake mix and greasy overly sweet buttercream) and unfortunately lots of cake (aka your investment) thrown out at the end of the night.  My cakes are made from scratch and I use Swiss meringue buttercream with high end ingredients and flavorings.  They are made fresh for your wedding and worked on for countless hours to make sure they are meticulously perfect.  When the cake is good, guests go back for seconds or try to sneak a piece home.  

When choosing a cake designer you also want to look at the aesthetic and vibe of your options much like you would a florist, photographer or wedding planner.  Not all cake designers are the same.  There are different levels of detail, precision and time put into cake and you want to make sure your investment reflects the quality of the design as well.  And when you choose a cake designer their portfolio is in line with what you are envisioning on your wedding day.  

Basically, if you are in between two cake people make sure you TASTE and LOOK at the difference.  There will probably always be a good reason for any price difference.  

A cake is a design element of your wedding that is so easy to be personalized.  I love using other design components of the wedding like colors, stationary, fabrics, and so on to help design the cake.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the most popular cakes you see on Pinterest over and over but if you go to a true cake designer, coming up with a custom cake is our favorite! We want to reflect your specific wedding in the design and flavor! 



Planning+Design+Concept: Brehant Creations

Photographer: Evermore Imaging

Venue: Wickham Park

Florist: It's so Ranunculous

Hair: Christopher Michael the Salon

Makeup: Beauty by Chelsea Dae

Calligraphy+Stationery: TS Calligraphy

Dress: Flutter Dress

Photobooth: Totally Hitched

Gauze runners: Snassy Crafter

Tie: Dazi

Vow books: Upstroke Creative

Cake: I Need Sugar Therapy

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