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How to Give a Rockin Toast

Let's talk TOASTS. 

We have heard a lot of toasts. 

.. A lot of good toasts and a lot of bad toasts. 

If you're giving a toast at a wedding, please consider the fact that it is supposed to be about THE COUPLE. We have heard brothers bash the groom because they thought they were funny and talked for over thirty minutes. We have heard dad's talk about everything except the couple for forty minutes, resulting in the bride in tears. SO, our suggestion is to tell your loved ones who are giving the toasts that your coordinator gave them a FIVE minute limit. Limit that shit so it doesn't result in something awkward. And feel free to blame it on us, your planners.

If the toasts go too long, dinner gets pushed back and the food gets cold! The rest of the schedule gets pushed back and it results in less time to party! We have found that FIVE minutes is the PERFECT sweet spot. 

Good toasts are amazing. We absolutely love listening to them, but sometimes the "toast givers" just need a little guidance ⋒ We suggest beginning your toast with the background of your relationship with the couple and then reflecting solely on the couple, rather than an individual. 

Hope this helps someone today! 



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