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Choosing Between a First Look and an Aisle Reveal

Updated: Jul 11

As a Connecticut wedding planner, I prefer when my couples choose to have a first look. Today, I'm going to tell you exactly why (and everything you need to consider to make the right decision for you). I've always believed in empowering my couples to make whatever decision is right for them instead of just expecting them to take my word for it as the expert. I don't believe in giving "blanket advice" and offering "one size fits all" solutions for ANY part of the wedding planning and design process.

As you already know (if you are familiar with Brehant Creations), we love to do things a little less traditionally and a lot more authentically. If you are looking for a Connecticut wedding planner and designer to break some rules with, make sure to reach out here! Spots are extremely limited for 2022!!

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Should You Have a First Look?

I've already admitted that I love a first look, so now I'm going to break down why. From a logistical standpoint, your wedding day timeline feels less rushed. As someone who values you being present on your wedding day, it's a lot easier to stay "in the moment" when you aren't being rushed from one thing to the next. Cramming hours of wedding party photos, family portraits, and wedding couple photos can be a lot between the ceremony and reception. If you've dreamed of actually attending cocktail hour with your guests (or building time to have a sneak peak at your wedding reception decor before your guests arrive), having a first look is one way to do it!

From an emotional standpoint, for most couples having a first look takes a lot of the pressure off (which means you have a chance to more deeply feel your emotions). When 200 of your closest family and friends are watching your reaction, your focus might be on trying not to ugly cry instead of enjoy the eye contact with your new spouse. You might want to reach out and hold their hand, or kiss them, or do whatever you want to in the moment. Wedding days can be emotional and a first look allows you to really react however you feel in the moment, instead of worrying about literally anything else.

Finally, let me address a quick misconception about having a first look. You likely WILL still cry walking down the aisle. If you are worried about that emotion being "lost" or something wild you read in a Facebook group, I can promise you will still feel all the feels walking down the aisle for the first time.

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Aisle Reveal

Alternatively, you may want to stick with a traditional aisle reveal where you first see each other walking down the aisle. Don't get me wrong, this can still be an incredible option and if you’ve always dreamed of seeing your future spouse from across the aisle, dont be discouraged. Part of the reason we love being wedding planners, is that we can encourage you to keep the traditions you want and throw away the rest! You don’t need to fit your wedding into a box and feel like just because you want an untraditional wedding, you can’t keep anyyyy of the things you love!

Quick tips if you choose not to have a first look:

Consider a first touch instead! This is where you stand on different sides of a door or wall and hold hands before the ceremony (to pray, to read love notes, whatever your thing is!). It’s a great way to connect with each other before the ceremony to take a little of the nerves off!

Or, if you are worried about your timeline, consider photos with your half of the wedding party before the ceremony! That way you can get some of the wedding party photos (and some solo shots!), which takes some of the pressure off in between the ceremony and reception.

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First Look with Parents

While we are taking about first looks, don’t forget to schedule in some time to do a “first look” with your parents if you want to! This trend has exploded over the last couple years and it’s such a sweet way to document a moment that naturally occurs on your wedding day anyway. Schedule a little time for a make up touch up because you might tear up more than you expect!

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Planning a First Look Before Your Wedding Ceremony

No matter what you choose, we are here to help make your wedding as incredible as possible. When planning a first look, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you want to “do” anything during your first look photos? Read love letters? Exchange vows Or gifts?

  • Will you take all of your wedding photos before the ceremony or will you keep your first look short and sweet?

  • Do you want to take your wedding party photos before the ceremony?

  • What about the family photos? Do you want to have a first look with family as well or just wait until after the ceremony?

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Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline

Whether you chose to have a first look or an aisle reveal, I am just excited that you are reading this and are (hopefully!) determined to have your wedding your way. At Brehant Creations, we love weddings that break rules and tradition so that you can celebrate your wedding exactly as you've always dreamed (and maybe just a little bit better with our help!). If you are looking for a Connecticut wedding planning and design team (we serve all over the tri-state area), get in touch with us here. We would love to work with you and help plan your wedding day, but space is filling fast for 2022! Let's get your wedding date on our calendar :)

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