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The difference between a wedding planner and event designer (+ why you need both).

Wedding season seems to be in full force and as someone who lives to create beautiful things, I couldn't be happier. If you've been following me on Instagram, you know that I've been focusing my creative energy on interior design (while I've been confined to the house) and although that has brought me a lot of joy (and nostalgia - since my formal training was in interior design), I have to say how excited I am to be back in the action again. As inquiries start to roll in for 2022 and 2023, it's been bringing up a few frequently asked questions which we wanted to bring you here on the blog! The first of which is what exactly is the difference between a wedding planner and event designer. It's kind of a trick question because I truly believe you need both for a successful event but I am going to talk about that more below. Don't worry - they can also be the same person! You can check out our services page to give you a better idea on what wedding planning and design packages include.

If you are looking for a wedding planner and event design team in Connecticut (and surrounding states), make sure to reach out here and inquire about availability. Our 2021 books are closed but 2022 is booking up quickly. The Brehant Creations team specializes in non-traditional weddings for couples who want a luxury boho style. We love to create so don't worry - your boho wedding style won't be copied from Pinterest or a previous event. We are kind of obsessed with thinking outside of the box. Want more inspiration? Make sure to check out this feature from Glittery Bride where we talk about trends we are seeing now.

Hiring an Event Designer

What does an event designer do? First, we work with you to turn your thoughts and inspiration photos into a cohesive vision. Oftentimes, couples come to us with a few (a lot) of photos they love. It's our job to not only take that and make it cohesive, but we also help them incorporate parts of themselves into the event design so it's not only unique but also deeply personal. An event designer will create a custom budget spreadsheet based on your priorities, budget and vision and then help you source vendors that match your vibes, ethics and budget.

As anyone who has planned a wedding or event knows, there are more moving pieces than you might think! We help you pick out every little detail - from drapery, lighting, linen, signs, table numbers, guestbook, seating charts, and more! Then, on your wedding day, we make sure that everything is there and exactly where we imagined it would be (while you are getting glammed up for your big day!).

Event Designer Responsibilities

It's not all fun and games though! After we have a design plan, we help you hire your wedding vendors and manage contracts. We know what contracts "should" include and can advise you on what's normal and what's not. After all, we do this every single day. Throughout the planning process, we also communicate and update your vendors as we make any changes. We assist in creating your floor plan and event flow in a way that feels effortless. Event flow is one of those things your guests WILL notice if not done well - it's one of those "can't put my finger on it" kind of things. Again, this is exactly why you hire an expert and don't base your wedding design solely off Pinterest photos. We got you!

On your wedding day, we not only check off everything we designed together, we also manage the arrival and setup of each vendor. They need someone to ask and double check that everything is just perfect. Our favorite part of the wedding day comes after the set up in done. If timeline allows (and we strongly encourage you to work this in!), we bring you to the space you have dreamt about for the past twenty years and do a grand reveal with you. It's very VERY magical. Make sure to bring your photographer to capture photos of your reaction and how the space looks before guests arrive.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Can you believe that nothing we have covered yet falls under traditional "wedding planning" duties? Although a wedding planner may help with some elements of your decor, they typically aren't (and shouldn't be) in charge of design the same way unless you have hired them to do both (in which case, they will often need extra support on the wedding day because it's a lot of work). We don't offer wedding planning services outside of design, with the exception of day of coordination (which is essential if you don't have a planner).

Wedding Planner Responsibilities

A wedding planner handles the "everything else" outside of design - they really are the unsung hero's of the whole day. Because we are so design-focused here at Brehant Creations, our couples often can't wait to jump right into design. But there is more that goes into a wedding and a wedding planner manages all of the "not as fun" parts. They find you the caterer, you show up for the tastings. They find you professional photographers that are going to make your wedding photos fun, and you don't have to spend a minute worried about whether or not you hired the wrong person over pretty Instagram photos.

Wedding planners work with you to create an overall budget and monthly planning timeline. A wedding planner really scouts out and manages all of the vendors that are going to work together on your wedding day from the initial moment they are hired so you don't have to. Their expertise can truly be invaluable because like I keep saying, we have done this before. Your wedding is a significant investment so you should use our experience to guide you when making your decisions.

Connecticut Wedding Planning and Design

Are you ready to hire a team that can do both? As you can tell, the roles and responsibilities of a wedding planner and event designer and significantly different (and we have really only scratched the surface here). You can hire Brehant Creations for wedding planning and design, design only, or day of coordination (which is often coupled with "design only"). We would love nothing more than to make the day you have been dreaming about into reality - and we definitely have the experience. Space is full for 2021 but if you are looking to get started planning your 2022 or 2023 wedding, reach out here! Even if you aren't ready to jump into planning and design yet, you can book us to save your date because spots are booking fast!

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